Finished Frames

The frames on this page are a more finished style, where I'm taking a bit longer to get the required result, but with a few elementary photoshop skills and a bit of imagination they can be knocked out in a reasonable time.

Of course there isn't always the time, budget or need for a higher finish- on the 'Loose' page I've included frames with a quicker more traditional style.




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colthumb01   colthumb02   colthumb03
colthumb04   colthumb05   colthumb06
colthumb07   colthumb08   colthumb09
colthumb10   colthumb11   colthumb12
colthumb13   colthumb14   colthumb15
colthumb16   colthumb17   colthumb18
billiardsthumb   braces   gondola
sunlight thumb   deal thumb   dive thumb
dulcoease thumb   presents thumb   shirt thumb
president thumb   dance   warehouse
students   couples1 thumb   bodyform
cif thumb   lux thumb   roses thumb
johnsons thumb   couples3   benadryl
japan airlines   showbiz thumb   nokia thumb
gillette   finish   couples
airport   marriot thumb   muller light
kitchen   girls thumb   moving
airwick thumb   departure   bmw lights thumb