Black and White

Nowadays even the humble pencil is obsolete. It's quicker and easier to do the workouts and linework on the computer.

With a little bit more time and I can put on some flat tone to liven it all up.

On this page are examples of frames with tone and frames with just the line (click on the images to view).

They're great if you have tight deadlines and you want something that looks good and is quick to do, to help sell your ideas and they can keep the price down too!

Of course you can always work them up in colour later if required.


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thumb01   thumb02   thumb03
thumb04   thumb05   thumb06
thumb12   thumb11   thumb10
demon   rooftopthumb   partythumb
thumb fashion2   drink   lost
bike   motorbike   burger
school thumb   picnic thumb   09thumb
thumbs up thumb   money worries thumb   fashion01 thumb
families thumb   presents thumb   smiles thumb